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The Founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE, Linda McMahon, Stacey Schieffelin and Debbie Saviano each built their own successful companies. They represent business success at the multi-million and billion dollar levels in the product, service, entertainment and media industries. Their businesses have adapted to new technologies and are international in scope with hundreds of employees and millions of customers, clients and B2B partners. Their lives demonstrate an understanding of work/life balance that includes family, community service, self-improvement and self-care that is of paramount importance for women.

These ladies came together in a very serendipitous way to form Women’s Leadership LIVE. Stacey and Debbie met at local conference where Debbie was a speaker. Stacey introduced herself afterwards and expressed her interest in hiring Debbie to assist her with managing her social media platforms. They quickly formed an immediate friendship. One evening after a LIVE HSN show where Debbie had been Stacey’s guest, they found themselves discussing the importance of forming a unique movement or platform that would elevate women and impress upon them that advocating for yourself is being in the room with the RIGHT people. By formulating a community (or dream team) of like-minded women to help carry the ball down the proverbial field TOGETHER would be something truly incredible.

With the support of their two enlightened husbands, Debbie and Stacey put together a business plan but needed someone’s critical eye and genuine feedback to see if their idea had legs. So they scheduled some time to meet with Linda at her office in Connecticut. Stacey had met Linda when Linda had campaigned for Senate back in 2010. They continually ran into one another at various rallies so they had established a casual friendship. One day at a luncheon, where Stacey was a keynote speaker, Linda’s assistant won a ybf beauty gift basket that Stacey had provided. Linda and Stacey struck up a conversation; as a result their friendship blossomed.

What was to be a 30-minute appointment between the three gals, ended up being an entire afternoon of easy and excited banter discussing all the potential possibilities. Linda had suggestions and plenty of input but found herself not only offering to invest in the venture but wanting to be an integral part of its way forward. Women’s Leadership LIVE not only had legs but now wings as well.

The Founders have dedicated their energies, talents and passion to create a place ensuring that the stories of women – their courage, compassion, complexity, and humor – are embodied in one empowering place – a place that will make a difference in other women’s lives – Women’s Leadership LIVE.

Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon

The kindest mogul you’ll ever meet.

Linda McMahon, Administrator of the Small Business Administration, is an original Founder and Former CEO of Women's Leadership LIVE. McMahon is an advocate for small business and she continually promotes entrepreneurship, particularly among women. She co-founded Women’s Leadership LIVE in 2014 with a goal of promoting leadership opportunities for women by providing them with proven processes, sustainable strategies and the catalysts for positive change.


“When I was a CEO, I wanted to show women that there are no limits to what they can achieve, whether through entrepreneurship, government, science or any path they choose, and there is plenty of room for women at the top.”


Stacey Schieffelin

A business gal’s best friend.

Stacey Schieffelin is a Founder of Women's Leadership LIVE and its strategic visionary. She is a woman whose brain you want to pick, joyfully sharing her professional knowledge while promoting the importance of confidence with women around the world. Her message is simple, in order for women to empower themselves individually in business and in life, they must work to empower other women through sharing and support. Women have limitless potential for success, but that success takes teamwork.

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Women’s Leadership LIVE’s driving principle is to build a world where women obtaining and exercising power is both expected and commonplace.”


Debbie Saviano

The teacher you always wanted.

Debbie Saviano is one of the three Founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE and its biggest cheerleader. A Texas Gal with a free spirit and huge heart, she sees Women’s Leadership LIVE as a guiding force and champion of women which offers a unique platform in how it educates and inspires women to launch and expand their own businesses, advance their careers toward executive roles, and pursue opportunities for leadership in public service.

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Women’s Leadership LIVE seeks to elevate and uplift women, encouraging them to pursue their own dreams and passions.”



Women’s Leadership LIVE inspires growth and courageous progress for accomplished women leaders by providing them with proven processes, sustainable strategies and the catalysts for positive change. WLL is dedicated to fostering the pioneering force found in all women through ongoing education and a shared vision.


Women’s Leadership LIVE will prepare you, as change is the only constant in today’s 24/7 world, through assessment, mentorship and customizable solutions. You will feel ready to embrace your ever evolving and dynamic environment and face it head on while staying positive, motivated, and productive.


Women’s Leadership LIVE wants to support and advance women in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. We strive to change the culture of business from the inside out by investing in women.