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Women’s Leadership LIVE has been designed to engage and inspire high-performing women toward accelerating their leadership abilities. Past attendees of our conferences and now WLL Team Members include women from Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, well-respected firms and agencies, as well as numerous entrepreneurs and heads of households. Their backgrounds and career fields are varied, and their job titles just as comprehensive with team members, managers, directors, presidents, executives and founders as part of the impressive mix.

Some are at the top of their fields, and others are on their way. Thousands of women strong, our community is large and growing by the day.  Who you know leads directly to what you know, and your next business opportunity is likely to come from our Women’s Leadership LIVE family. Connecting with other professional women is a proven way to raise your professional profile (and have fun while doing so).


Women’s Leadership LIVE’s offerings we will bring you into the collective conversation and show you how YOU can make a difference. YOU will thrive, build synergy, discover new opportunities, and work more effectively to not just accomplish your objectives, but to exceed them.

Women’s Leadership LIVE's

Membership Program


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Connect regularly with the Women’s Leadership LIVE influential leaders and a community of like-minded women who wish to support, and encourage one another. Women who are committed to learning and growing both personally and professionally. Women who consider it a responsibility to champion each other.


1 Year Membership

The WLL Let’s Do DIFFERENT Together© Membership Program will surround you with those who can assist you in your own leadership journey. Learning, conversations, open dialogue and access to other women who want to “Get it DONE!” Join us and receive one year’s full access to the private Membership Portal. You will receive discounts on future Women’s Leadership LIVE conferences and events and have the opportunity to share your story on WLL’s website.

Monthly Webinars

Each month WLL Team Members will receive an invitation to our monthly webinar. Through our webinars our members have access to thought leaders who have achieved success and who are anxious to share their stories with you. You will learn not just how they prepared for success, but how to avoid the pitfalls, enjoy the challenges and implement strategies to create your own path to success. These engaging, interactive webinars are 45 minutes in length and are presented LIVE in real-time. Each webinar is aimed at providing the information necessary to assist you in your own leadership journey. They are recorded and archived and members will have continual access, through On Demand.

Interview Series

The WLL Team Member On-Line Interview Series will bring you Speakers, influencers and industry experts all who are anxious to share their personal and professional stories bringing value to members. The interviews will be transparent, personal and aimed at providing real world accounts by women who have experienced firsthand varying topics and areas of interest. The Interviews are reflective of the needs of the entrepreneur, career professional and community leader. All interviews are recorded and archived and members will have continual access, through On Demand.

Member Directory

There is nothing more powerful than women supporting other women and wanting to do business with one another. The WLL Team Member directory consists of all member’s information. We continually encourage our members to do business with one another before seeking outside sources.

Private Facebook Group

The WLL Team Member Facebook Group is private which means that all posts and comments are for members only to view. The intent is have a community where all participants can be open, frank and feel comfortable in sharing. Everything that is discussed in the Facebook group is considered confidential.

1 Day LIVE Group Event Step Into Your Own Power

An exclusive private one day event for WLL Team Members only! Join the founders and all WLL Team Members as we come together to discuss the topics currently trending.  We will do some brainstorming and masterminding too!

Career Advancement

Female professionals THRIVE when provided targeted and collaborative training, professional business coaching, access to capital and resources, and support from communities of women that reinforce business, career and development.

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1.How is Women’s Leadership LIVE and The DIFFERENT Conference© DIFFERENT than other women’s leadership organizations?

  • ACCESS - We provide you with elite access to individuals and uniquely curated information that will empower you to want to shift your paradigm and create your legacy.
  • REAL-TIME - We don’t just talk at our events. You will be asked to dig deep and fulfill your greatest potential with our support and wisdoms as your guiding force.
  • RELATIONSHIPS - At Women’s Leadership LIVE we don’t just talk, we walk the walk WITH you and make sure that you are not only inspired to use the ideas and tools that you will hear about from our ambassadors and presenters but that you have tangible action steps to incorporate those visions and turn them into your reality.

2. How do I become a member of Women’s Leadership LIVE?

Becoming a member is easy. Simply click HERE and sign up!

3. Where and when is the next The DIFFERENT Conference©?

Our next conference is in Dallas, TX 2017. You can learn more HERE.

4. Can men become members of Women’s Leadership LIVE and attend The DIFFERENT Conference©?

Our membership is exclusively for women; however, we strongly encourage men to fully participate in and attend The DIFFERENT Conference© event. The content is designed for a broad audience, including men who are sponsors, speakers, executives, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who want to learn how to better support, retain and advance women in their businesses. Our conference is also useful for men who want to learn more about gender dynamics in the workplace, we call you “men of enlightenment”.