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American Dreams Product Submission – FAQ’s



  • Is Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL) seeking certain product types for TV Shopping Channels?

Women’s Leadership LIVE welcomes all product submission types. Each product submission is reviewed for product attributes that have the best opportunity for success on TV Shopping Channels. These qualities would include: new, revolutionary/innovative, entrepreneurial, demonstrable, exclusive, unique, solution-oriented, great value, high quality, and relatable.

  • Do you have any tips on completing my product submission?

First, make sure to provide a complete and accurate description of your product and/or product line.

If your product has already been manufactured, ensure that it reflects high quality and workmanship. Quality is apparent when the appropriate amount of time has been dedicated to design, sourcing, performance and safety testing, and development. Be able to share how you have ensured the quality of your product!

Additionally, regardless of whether your product has already been manufactured or it is just an idea on a napkin, we want to hear your story! Make sure to complete the “Tell Us Your Story” field on your product submission application, and let us know:

  1. How the idea for this product came to you
  2. A background story on what led to your entrepreneurial venture
  3. If your product features a never-before-seen innovation or technology, or solves an everyday problem
  • Does my product need to be manufactured before I submit my application?

It is not a requirement for your product to be manufactured prior to submitting to Women’s Leadership LIVE for the traditional HSN American Dreams’ assortment, although it is preferred.

If you are submitting an application as part of a special event or contest, please defer to Women’s Leadership LIVE’s corresponding rules/terms and conditions to determine if a manufactured product is required.

  • Will Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL) help me manufacture my idea?

If you submit an idea to Women’s Leadership LIVE, it is not guaranteed that Women’s Leadership LIVE will help you manufacture your product. However, Women’s Leadership LIVE has resources available that may be able to assist you.

  • How many samples of my product do I need to supply to Women’s Leadership LIVE? Where do I ship my samples?

During the application process, you are not required to send samples to Women’s Leadership LIVE, unless otherwise noted as part of a special event or contest.

If Women’s Leadership LIVE wants to learn more about your product upon review of your submission application, our Women’s Leadership LIVE Team will reach out directly to discuss the need for samples, including the quantity and where to ship them. We cannot guarantee that your samples will be returned to you.

Please note that in certain cases, such as special events or contests, the number of samples required will be stated in the rules/terms and conditions.

  • Does Women’s Leadership LIVE accept applications from overseas?

Yes, we accept product submissions from companies located outside the United States of America (USA) for our traditional Women’s Leadership LIVE & HSN American Dreams product assortment; however, if you are submitting an application as part of a special event or contest, please defer to the corresponding rules/terms and conditions to determine if U.S. Residency is required.

  • I want to submit an entire line of products. Do I need to fill out a submission form for each item?

No. If you're submitting an entire line of like products (for example, a handbag collection, a make-up line, etc.), please only submit one application for the collection, and reference collection details in the product description box, or, use the Assets and Media section on the submission form to direct us to your website or attach a line sheet to your submission.

If you are submitting multiple products that are not alike (for example, a handbag and a blender), please submit separate forms for each.



  • Will the application be accepted if all fields are not completed?

You can submit an application without all fields completed as long as the incomplete fields are not asterisked as required fields. If the field has an asterisk, it is required to be completed in order to submit the application.

  • Can I save a partially completed application to edit at a later time?

Yes, you can save a partially completed application and come back to make edits at a later time as long as the application remains in “draft” status.

  • Can I change my application after I submit it?

Once you submit the application; however, you cannot go back and make edits.

  • My asset and/or media won't upload to the submission application. Is there an email address I can send my asset and/or media to instead?

If your asset and/or media is not uploading, first ensure that it doesn’t contain special characters in the file name, and also that it is one of our accepted file types. Accepted file types noted on the Assets and Media upload page.

If you have verified that your file type is acceptable, but is still not uploading, you may reach out to the Team of Women’s Leadership LIVE at:  Dreams@WomensLeadershipLIVE.com for assistance in submitting the application.




  • How do I know if my product application was successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email that includes a confirmation number verifying your successful submission. Additionally, when you log back in to your Women’s Leadership LIVE  account, your submissions listing will have updated from “Draft” to “Submitted” in the status column.

  • After I submit my product application, how long will it take to receive a response from TV Shopping Channels? What are the next steps?

You should receive an email response within 30 days of your original submission date.

Within this email response, you will be notified that the Women’s Leadership LIVE Team have reviewed your submission, and will be provided a status updated on your submission.

If our Women’s Leadership LIVE Team is interested in learning more about your product, the email will indicate that someone will contact you about next steps, which could include setting up a phone call, arranging a face-to-face meeting, and/or sending a sample to be evaluated by our Quality Assurance Team.

If Women’s Leadership LIVE Team is not interested in pursuing your product further, the email will indicate that Women’s Leadership LIVE has decided not to include it in our merchandising assortment.

  • If I have not received a response within 30 days of submission, who can I contact concerning the status of my application?

If you haven't heard back within 30 business days, please feel free to reach out to the Women’s Leadership LIVE Team at: Dreams@WomensLeadershipLIVE.com

  • Can I resubmit a product?

Once you have heard back from us, there is no need to resubmit a product. However, if you have another product in the future that you think would be a good fit for our HSN American Dreams Shows, please feel free to submit it through our Women’s Leadership LIVE submissions portal.