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When I heard about the International Women’s Day Project / Women in Business #WIB2019 Event in which WHERE WOMEN CREATE WORK Magazine, Women’s Leadership LIVE and World Market were planning a national tour to showcase and spread the stories of the 12 million female small business owners in the US it was a no brainer for me to get involved in the efforts. I am the female business owner behind The Outtakes Life Coaching, a business that may have never come to be had it not been for the support and push from the people around me, so using my voice to share my story with other women who may benefit from hearing it is a must for me.

My story began in an unexpected way. I was out shopping at Dear Hannah for an outfit to wear to my birthday party on my lunch break, pressed for time and in that frantic mindset of having nothing to wear, when I ran into Debbie and Stacey from Women’s Leadership LIVE filming a video blog. I was immediately interested in what they were doing because I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog but kept talking myself out of it. I love to write and to empower women and knew that I was destined for more than the road I was traveling had to offer, but I couldn’t quite get myself there. Before I knew it I found myself in a conversation with Debbie and Stacey and told them all about my idea for my blog and my hesitation to actually do it. They were so encouraging and excited which energized me, and when Debbie asked me to send her my website when I was finished with it I found the drive that I had been lacking and knew that I had to follow through so that I could send it to her, and for myself.

About a month later I sent Debbie my website (theouttakesblog.com) and started writing for myself, with no real agenda or expectations. I wrote posts that I hoped would empower women and make them feel part of a community that was based in “real talk” as opposed to the usual “highlight reel” of social media. It felt so good to be doing something that I had such passion for, which led me to really thinking about where my passion and purpose was in life. That chance meeting turned blog turned into me going back to school to become a Certified Life Coach and starting my own coaching practice. If you had told me that day when I was shopping on my lunch break that a year and a half later I’d have my own business I wouldn’t have believed it. As Debbie says, “there are no accidents,” I was supposed to meet her and Stacey that day.

I have learned that as a woman who knew I wanted more but didn’t know how to go about achieving what I wanted that the best thing I could do for myself was to find a support system of women who have been where I was and have gone where I wanted to go. If this resonates with you and you are seeking your own support system check out one of the upcoming events hosted by Women’s Leadership LIVE in Dallas and email me to set up a free introductory coaching session in which we can discuss how receiving coaching from me can support you in finding your passion and creating the life of your dreams.

Women’s Leadership LIVE Schedule for Texas:

3/1/19 | Dallas, TX: Panel Discussion with On Air Media Founder Melisa Plaskoff at 10:00 AM (CST) Special Guests: Amy Stewart, Debbie Sardone, Dr. Jodi Danna, Nikky Phinyawatana

3/4/19 | Dallas, TX: Dallas Love Field – Center Stage Jo Packham – Magazine Signings and Broadcast with Brian Glenn Experts in Business on LIVE 620 AM KEXB Radio Program, Salem Media Group / 3:00 – 5:00 PM (CST)

3/5/19 | Irving, TX: Panel Discussion at Citi’s Main Campus – Simulcast Globally (Private – Employees Only) in collaboration with Erica Mulder, VP of Government Affairs/ Communications and Joseph Chapa, Irving International Affairs and Sister Cities | Moderator Beth Bowman President/CEO, Irving – Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and Irving Economic Development Partnership

3/6/19 | Dallas, TX: SMU Panel Discussion with Ana Rodriguez, Director of the SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative / 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (CST) Register: http:// bit.ly/SMUWIB2019

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The Outtakes Life Coaching
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