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Women's Leadership LIVE's mission is to reflect and amplify the voices of career and entrepreneurial women - to share their stories of risk and
success - to chronicle and help expand their growing economic, political and social influence and power - to celebrate their triumphs - to provide solutions to their problems - to identify and empower a new wave of women Entrepreneurs and Leaders.


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We’re committed… and we’re in this TOGETHER! We hold one another accountable as we evolve in ways that allow us to become unforgettable. We like to think DIFFERENTLY and grow with optimism. When we support each other, incredible things happen. The only way to have true breakthrough transformations is to do the work… in real time and together. Success through collaboration allows innovation to be delivered – Women’s Leadership LIVE searched for the best platform to offer that solution to enable Entrepreneurs like you to accelerate through an exciting product pipeline! For 40 years, HSN – the original TV retailer – has been dedicated to finding and supporting innovators, inventions and Entrepreneurs. HSN has announced the partnership and strategic alignment with Women’s Leadership LIVE as Star Entrepreneurs and Mentor Partners to continue to assist Entrepreneurs by bringing their products to life using the amazing HSN LIVE TV platform to share their products and stories. We walk the walk with you and will lead the way by bringing you a bigger, better, DIFFERENT experience.


Provides you with elite access to individuals and uniquely curated information.


Introduces you to ways to better communicate, more strongly connect and boost your level of confidence with other like-minded leaders.


Leads the way by bringing you a bigger, better, DIFFERENT experience


Empowers you in real time to want to shift your paradigm and create your legacy.


Ignites your passion and gives you ample opportunities to continually feed it.


Sparks your inspiration and ensures you thrive.


We are the only influential information curator that offers real-time access with proven expertise for purposeful women both on-site and online who want to evolve and lead to accelerate their Entrepreneurial success.


What are you waiting for?  Are you ready for real change? Women's Leadership LIVE(WLL) has taken the time to do a deep dive and consider how YOU desire to learn, network, build and grow - so we KNOW when we pull back the curtain we will surprise and delight. We create experiences that are rich, varied and completely unique in our Entrepreneurial space. You will feel 100% that you are in the right place.

So are you ready to see your DREAM on TV? The next big thing might be you! Here’s how Women’s Leadership LIVE works!

We're home to a community of innovators…we call them WLL Dreaming Entrepreneurs! Each day, Inventors and Business Owners privately share their ideas with us and we are honored and humbled by all the good we see. Our product review team expertly evaluates each idea & item submitted. We help develop the pitch of select ideas to our HSN American Dreams team of buyers. Our goal is help develop as many great ideas as we can so that new products come to market and our Inventors and Business Owners prosper! Your success is our success!

Women’s Leadership LIVE enjoys delivering innovation, resources, manufacturing and funding from our large network of female Leaders & Advisors!  We discover—and often enrich—the best of the best and bring them to the world in a TV-friendly format. Less risk. More alternatives. Rapid speed to market. Greater success rate!

Ignite Your Passion, Spark Your Inspiration and Thrive.

We will share with you how you can make a difference by bringing you into the collective conversation.

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