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525,600 Moments of Opportunities

BLOG - Time - Moments 1-18

“Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it” – Marva Collins

2018 has Arrived!

Once again, we have completed another year and we anxiously await another 365 Days – 8,760 hours and 525,600 minutes. How will we best utilize our Time?

Will we look back on 2018 with pride and joy as we accomplished all that we set out to do OR, will we feel frustration over the lack of Success? Personally and professionally we control our time and it is up to us on how we make use of the limited number of “moments”.

Most Entrepreneurs have the ability to set their own schedule and in doing so, can prioritize that which will propel them toward Success. Let’s face it, Success will not simply fall into your lap, nor will it come knocking at the door, instead you have to fully and passionately pursue it with an obsession like none other.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 consider the Inventory of 10

  1. Create a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE with a focus on daily self-improvement.
  2. A DAILY Ritual of GRATITUDE by writing in a Journal.
  3. TUNE OUT those who don’t support – encourage or believe in You!
  4. Seek out KNOWLEDGE that will inspire your Creative Genius.
  5. Generate a Positive MANTRA when negativity enters your thoughts.
  6. POST & VISUALIZE each day the 10 GENIUS Accomplishments You want for
  7. Focus on 1st Downs – The Journey – The Baby Steps
  8. Keep a CALENDAR and each morning PRIORITIZE the Day Ahead.
  9. Review all SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms – do they resonate with your correct MESSAGING & BRANDING?
  10. This journey comes but once, so most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Time is on Your side and when You take advantage of the opportunities and convert them into the GOALS that were set, then SUCCESS becomes a reality.

Therefore, for 2018, we encourage you to embrace a Mindset of Success – Internalize the Inventory of 10 above and finally to take Advantage of YOUR 525,600 moments of TIME.

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