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January is the first month of the New Year and therefore, a time for reflection and resolutions. For many entrepreneurs, facing the upcoming months the ultimate question remains; what does success look like”?

Creator / Editor-in-Chief, Jo Packham just might have the answers. The quarterly publication of Where Women Create Business (WWCB) features women who range from the seasoned business owner to the budding entrepreneur and all have one thing in common – they have “A PASSION FOR SUCCESS”!

Women’s Leadership LIVE is honored to be included in Where Women Create Business Magazine this month. A humbling experience to say the least as the women between the pages come with a wealth of experience, successes and are anxious to offer up a myriad of business ideas.

Business owners recognize and value the importance of continually learning and an abundance of lessons are provided by the women who are highlighted in Where Women Create Business.

Many business owners started their business as a response to solving an issue they themselves were facing. Women like Pat Bravo who couldn’t find the type of fabric she needed so she started her own line by co-founding Art Gallery Fabrics, which provides artistic inspired fabrics.

Having a robust digital presence is a necessity today and WWCB provides guidance on Instagram via our friend Sue B. Zimmerman. Sue offers 4 tips on how to easily brand your Instagram account.

Katie Valleau has a simple message – she figured out something to do that made her happy.

Anyone who has a family recipe box filled with ancestral delicacies will enjoy Melissa Roper Newbould’s journey to create the unique establishment; The Bake Shoppe and Café.

Each issue is power packed with an immense amount of sound advice from women who have been there – done that – and are continuing to follow their dreams and best of all, they are willing to share with the reader the Ups and Downs of running a business.

Embrace the New Year with the commitment to invest in you and your business. Make a stop at Barnes & Noble and pick up your copy, or to make sure you get early access, gift yourself with a subscription to Where Women Create Business.

There is nothing more satisfying than collecting the mail and seeing the latest arrival of Where Women Create Business. Rarely, do we have the occasion to sit back with a favorite beverage of choice and unwind as we take in the sage wisdom of successful business women whose PASSION IS SUCCESS!

Here is to 2017 and the Journey we will take together.

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