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Women’s Leadership LIVE strongly believes that supporting 501(C)(3) charitable entities should be part of every organization’s fabric. Giving back and/or paying it forward in our communities is what we should all aspire to.


This is a place to connect women as they dare to seize opportunities for empowerment, fulfillment and impact. We believe that the worth of a woman shouldn’t be determined by anyone but her. HERDACITY will be a positive place online where women can make new connections and ultimately move each other and the conversation forward.

Operation Blue Shield

Operation Blue Shield, a registered 501(C)(3), is committed to creating, promoting and funding programs designed to bring about the progressive change, trust and unity that our communities and our Nation so desperately need.

Operation Blue Shield’s outreach programs connect, educate and empower community stakeholders (citizens, local businesses, public officials, non-profits, education, churches, first-responders and law enforcement) in a common goal of positive, forward-thinking social infrastructure changes. In doing so, we serve to unify these groups in a shared commitment to public safety, increased accessibility to homeownership, an increase in small business ownership, improved education and economic development (jobs).


SHEROES United embraces '"female super role models" in our local and global communities to empower their voices and become triumph creators for positive change. SHEROES United is here to uplift, educate and inspire women to make positive changes in their lives by acting as an umbrella resource to help them get the support they need. We’ll bring their unique stories to the forefront to create a community of women who are strong, empowered and believe in themselves.