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Won’t YOU join us? The new LEAD | LIFT | LAUNCH Entrepreneurs Events will always be epic when Dream Products are discovered! Never has there been events structured like this. Designed for YOU. Focused on YOU. Committed to YOUR personal and professional Entrepreneurial growth and success. The discovery process starts with our comprehensive product searches! And we know it’s important to be where the best ideas are. That’s why Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL) is hosting searches at premier events across the country every year – the places and spaces where innovators showcase their inventions — from CES to Home + Housewares to INPEX trade shows and everything in between. The future of Women’s Leadership LIVE is all about sponsored searches in big cities and small towns across our great Nation to find the Next Big Idea and the Entrepreneur who came up with it!

Get ready to engage in uplifting guidance, education, visualizations and conversations that will strengthen your belief in the importance of inter-connectedness. You will hear ways about how even small efforts or changes can make a difference and ripple out positively to affect many in your Entrepreneurial life and community. The captivating curriculum, speaker line-ups, digital courses, influential dialogues, discovery and training for entrepreneurs – either rising or accomplished.  There will be robust tips from our Star Entrepreneur experts that offer you the ability to transform and transcend your business while also turning any intentions into real and positive results as well as oriented successful business opportunities, collaborations and networking.

Today, more than ever, we believe in the powerful role small businesses play in building communities and local economies. The new WLL LEAD | LIFT | LAUNCH Entrepreneurs Events are truly DIFFERENT – the knowledge offered will be about claiming your power, stretching your soul, challenging the status quo and giving yourself the opportunity to reach your goals, live your DREAMS, and lead the life you truly deserve and desire.



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By attending the LEAD | LIFT | LAUNCH Entrepreneur Events,
the benefits you will reap are plentiful, here are but a few:


We provide you with elite access to individuals and uniquely curated information that will empower you to want to shift your paradigm and create your legacy. Knowledge and education acquired through study or advice is a fantastic way to satisfy your hunger for new and DIFFERENT perspectives. You may discover that seeing life through someone else’s lenses can help you better understand and implement solutions.


In order for ideas to be powerful, they must be infused with the energy of our engagement with them, and in order for tools to be effective they must be put to use. At Women’s Leadership LIVE we don’t just talk, we walk the walk WITH you and make sure that you are not only inspired to use the ideas and tools of discovery that you will hear about from our Entrepreneur ambassadors and presenters but that you have tangible action steps to incorporate those visions and turn them into your reality.


You’ll experience results… in real-time. We don’t just talk at our events. You will be asked to dig deep and fulfill your greatest Entrepreneurial potential with support and wisdom as your guiding force. There is much to learn from the wisdom of others that can add to the information and insights that you already possess. We will provide a gentle nudge and help you to step out of your comfort zone, all the while making you feel motivated and empowered about your ability to succeed.

Those who attend:

  • Connect with influential leaders, executives and disrupters who deliver game-changing ideas.
  • Discover their vision and what is needed to define, refine and create a formula with purpose.
  • Leverage business resources and potential partners and colleagues through varied coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • Identify trends and technologies shaping the future and impacting both traditional and contemporary ROIs (return on investment and influence).

Female entrepreneurs and business leaders thrive when they are provided with methods and guidance for critical thinking and problem solving. Women’s Leadership LIVE events are transformational, grounded in the latest research and inspired by insights from our network of global achievers. Entrepreneurial events can be transformational, often grounded in the latest research and inspired by insights from a larger network of global achievers.

You are your only limitation. Are you and your business ready to be transformed? Are you ready to join the Entrepreneurial revolution?



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