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How To Embrace FEAR

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Often times, being a business owner can be lonely and even isolating. It’s easy to envision that we are the only ones facing challenges. It could be why we easily succumb to the fear, which enters our psyche.


Do these sound familiar?
1. Being an independent business owner is something I’ve always dreamed of but I’m just not making enough     money to cover my expenses.
2. My family doesn’t support my passion and entrepreneurial spirit.
3. I know I bring great value but getting others to see that and purchase my products or services is another story.
4. I seem to have reached a plateau in my business and I need a new perspective.
5. I am great at promoting others business’s but hesitant to promote my own.

If you can relate and these are familiar, it’s not surprising that FEAR creeps in to the equation. However, keep in mind that fear can be healthy as it can be used to propel us forward.
Keep in mind three of the most common areas business owners face.

  1. Dispelling the IMPOSTER SYNDROME – in those quiet moments, it is common to revert back to “I’m a fraud and not worthy of this”. Being on line via social platforms has only made it worse as people have a tendency to only showcase or highlight the “Perfect Moments in Life”. Making others feel less valued or successful.
    TAKE ACTION – Think about the successful people who have admitted to similar feelings (Tina Fey and Tom Hanks) AND give it a name. Meaning that when you feel this coming on, state, “It’s Imposter Syndrome and I’ve got this!”
  2. Overcoming REJECTION from Family and Friends can be disheartening. Most of us want to be liked and it is especially hurtful when those closest don’t support us. Often times those who know us best FEAR change. They like it the way it is and if you become successful they might loose you.
    TAKE ACTION –Don’t take it personal. After all, it’s their fear. For family ask why they are not supportive. See if there are ways to alleviate their concerns. For friends, this can be a delicate one but surround yourself with those who champion you.
  3. Finding the IDEAL CLIENT – Understanding who needs your products or services is the easiest way to discovering who you can best serve. Most business owners grapple with identifying and connecting with clients. To be effective, you have to fully understand exactly WHO the client is.
    TAKE ACTION –Identify the Demographics – gender, age, income, ethnicity along with the Psychographics, which include interests, hobbies, preferences in lifestyle and behaviors. Combine all of this to create an AVATAR.


Recognizing that you are not alone and in fact everyone struggles with the same insecurities in regard to fear can help bolster confidence when fear wants to slip in. Being prepared helps to overcome and conquer the fear.

It has been said many times before but at the end of this life journey the last thing we want is to have “not tried”.
We only walk this walk but once and you were gifted with the skills and talents that are uniquely your own.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears” Les Brown

Don’t let fear hinder you.
Identify It – Understand It and Conquer It!

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