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Unleash Your CEO “IT FACTOR” by Liz Everett


Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a corporate CEO, you are always in preparation for acing that million dollar handshake opportunity. As a style strategist, I aid clients in building their on-brand style statement. It is imperative to remember that people do not meet your logo. They meet you and they are either swept up by your “IT FACTOR” or you are going to have to pull out everything from your elevator speech to your resume, just for them to buy you as an expert in your field.

You have to remember that in these social media driven times your business brand becomes intertwined with your personal brand. Everything from your attire to initial impact upon a first meeting, becomes a lasting impression in the minds of those you hope to do business with. Although not every brand is a personality driven one, you have to operate with the attitude that you are the face of the company. It’s a proven fact that people love feeling connected to the ‘brains of the operation’. Think back to Steve Jobs. We were all enthralled by Apple’s every move because of his innovative leadership style. Now fast forward to incredible business women like Sophia Amoruso, Oprah or even Barbara Corcoran, who have become tastemakers on the precipice of their industry’s forth coming trends.

Now when it come s to unleashing your CEO “IT FACTOR” you may be struggling with where to start. I created a list of 6 essential factors that will help you leave a stylish, well branded, commanding impression on every perspective client or profitable business partner. You must become masterful at creating a fluid relationship between your personal influence and your business. Whether it is a service you sell or a product the brand is always you! 

1. Connected & Powerful First Impression

2. On-Brand Style Statement

3. Engaging Body Language & Posture

4. Have Conversational Knowledge of Your Industry’s Current Trends

5. Know How to Organically Guide People to Your Lead Magnet

6. Up to Date Business Cards & Social Media

This equation is not just about elevating your sales, it is about helping you curate a lasting connection with your market. You see a huge portion of this is about consciously captivating the desired attention from your target demographic.  It is an authentic way to reinforce how you sell to and appeal to them. In large part that is a very visual thing much like being a walking billboard.

I often refer to the study done by UCLA’s Dr. Albert Mehrabian which states that 93% of our communication is visual/nonverbal. The breakdown on that is 38% vocal liking which is tone of voice, gestures and style of delivery. 55% being facial liking which incorporates core essentials of visual perception, strategic style and overall impression. That being said, don’t forget to be intentional every time you walk in the room. Let your very presence be a head to toe opportunity to engage people with your charismatic CEO “IT FACTOR”.


21766334_1534630349909785_8982135616038583427_nLiz Everett – Style Strategist, Visual Brand Consultant, Author & Magazine Editor

As an award winning style & beauty professional Liz Everett is a highly sought after expert in her field.  At nineteen years old, Liz began working for the Victoria’s Secret Beauty brand which allowed her hands on training. Her style client demographic spans from the corporate boardroom to the New York Fashion Week red carpet. Now segwaying into personal image development & innovative professional image seminars, Liz creates on-brand looks for clients across the country.

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